The Temple Israel of Greater Miami Scholar-in-Residence Program brings interesting, enlightening scholars to our temple community several times each year.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017
7:30 p.m.
Temple Israel of Greater Miami
Wolfson Auditorium
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Rabbi Andrew Hahn – The Kirtan Rabbi

Kirtan Rabbi's music is characterized by great energy, passion and melodic flow. Rabbi Andrew Hahn, Ph.D., combines a variety of tools to introduce Jewish Wisdom to an increasingly global, religious village.

The LA Jewish Journal says: People twirl ecstatically, eyes closed, repeating, in a call-and-response fashion, chants led by Rabbi Andrew Hahn, who plays a harmonium while others play guitars and percussion instruments — repetitive, hypnotic sounds that seductively nudge the crowd, young and old alike, to sway and swirl and chant.

The New Jersey Jewish Standard writes: A distinctly Indian melody flows from Rabbi Andrew Hahn’s harmonium. People rise from their seats, hips swaying, arms waving slowly through the air as they slowly repeat the Hebrew words Hahn is chanting. This isn’t your abba’s Lecha Dodi.

Interfaith Today declares: “Every few generations, Judaism transforms itself. One such radical change has been underway now since the 1970s. A powerful force within the current wave of revitalization—the ecstatic movement—counts among its proponents, an emerging leader, Rabbi Andrew Hahn, ‘The Kirtan Rabbi.'”

Path of Life, An Interview with Kirtan Rabbi

What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a form of chanting developed in India to heighten participation, communal feeling and ecstatic communion with G-d. Its distinguishing feature is a formula of singing based on call-and-response. The chant facilitator offers something, and the participants return the favor. As Reb Drew likes to say, “We don’t sing many words, but we sing them many times!” Kirtan is fully participatory. It breaks down the barrier between “leader” and “listener.” Its improvisational and experimental nature make it a fun yet deep religious experience — for both adults and children.

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