lifelong_learningLearning is a lifelong commitment and a journey that is personal and profound.  While we encourage everyone to study Torah on their personal journey, everyone knows that road trips are better shared with friends! So we invite you to embark on the journey of learning with us, next to one another, and close to the source of knowledge–Torah. The Talmud instructs us to go and study: Tzei ulmad. We invite you to come study.

If you only have an hour, try a Hebrew class on Wednesdays. A Friday evening is more your thing? You can join us for an insightful iOneg where special speakers present interesting, relevant topics (or, we dance! Really, we actually dance). Saturday morning brings us around Joseph’s Table. Explore the mysteries of Zohar on Wednesday evenings.

Yes, there are many learning opportunities, because we realize there are many reasons people come in search of knowledge. To learn the texts, the customs, the nuances, yes, but also to learn where they fit in, and how they fit in. Our learning journey extends to Tikkun Olam, from Feeding the Hungry the fourth Monday of every month, to special learning sessions.