Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Students are introduced to basic Jewish symbols, tzedekah and mitzvot, holidays, Jewish values and Bible characters. They are exposed to the Hebrew letters. This class provides opportunities for the child to enrich his or her Jewish experience through in-class activities that may be continued at home as part of ongoing Jewish living and expression. Parents are an important part of this course and are encouraged to extend course work to the home environment through stories, rituals and activities.

First Grade/Second Grade

Students will be introduced to the Torah through an exploration of the personalities and stories in Genesis and Exodus. They will examine more closely the Jewish values. They will also be introduced to Jewish ritual, practices and religious objects. This curriculum takes an in-depth look at the Jewish calendar: its months, seasons, holidays and events. Art, music, cooking and stories will help explore each holiday, and investigate its meaning and practice within Jewish tradition. Our students will also be reinforcing the Hebrew letters and their sounds, and putting these sounds together to form simple words.

Third Grade

The class will discover important values that enhance their religious and secular lives. Students will also learn about Israel, its past and its present. They will explore God and the question of “how we live as God’s partner”. Our students will also discuss the significance of Jewish values and how they relate to growing up Jewish today. Our Hebrew program teaches additional prayers, and students will learn modern Hebrew words such as colors and family members. The Hebrew component will build on the prior year with emphasis on reading words and prayers.

Fourth Grade/Fifth Grade

Students will study and experience the Jewish life cycle, with its emphasis on making all of life’s moments holy and meaningful. Students will begin at birth, and continue through Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Jewish weddings and discussions through death and mourning practices. Parents will play an integral part of this experience. Our Hebrew program expands, teaching additional prayers necessary for B’nai Mitzvah, as well as further modern Hebrew.

Sixth Grade/Seventh Grade

We will explore their family history, study Israel’s role in the world, and learn about and discuss various aspects of the Holocaust. We will discuss what it means to be a Jew today living in America, and how it differs from what their ancestors experienced. Students will return to the study of Torah in preparation for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The students will have the opportunity to discuss and analyze various Torah portions and will be introduced to their Haftarah. The curriculum includes Jewish philosophy, moral and ethical issues, Synagogue skills and continued Hebrew.

Eighth Grade through Twelfth Grade

We encourage all Eighth Grade through Twelfth Grade students to get involved in our Youth Group experience. Our Youth Group, TIFTY (Temple Israel Federation of Temple Youth) is part of the National Organization through the Reform Movement. A separate mailing will be sent to you.

Teen Volunteer Program

Our Teen Volunteers are those post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah students who wish to become a Madrich, a Teacher Assistant in our School. Our Teens support our teachers in the classroom and tutor and mentor our students, while earning money towards NFTY in Israel or our Temple’s trip (to be determined), as well as service credit hours for school. Please contact the Director of Education and Youth Engagement if you would like to volunteer.