How often do we pull up at an intersection to see someone asking for help – and then wish we had something to give with loving kindness and without judgment. In the hour before our Passover Seder (April 5th), volunteers will be filling baggies with items collected in March that would be appreciated by those in need. Each bag will also contain a $10 grocery store gift card underwritten by Rabbi Morrison’s Discretionary Fund plus a card/note with an uplifting message and useful phone numbers/hotlines. Those attending the seder will take a few bags with them to have in their cars for the next opportunity to be kind – both a Passover Mitzvah and something we can continue to do as role models for our children.

NEEDED ITEMS: Meal replacement bars (i.e. KIND PROTEIN), sanitizer (SMALL bottles or wipes), pocket packages of tissues, pairs of NEW socks (unisex), and SMALL-sized toiletry items (ie. shampoo, soaps, hand lotion –  like we pick up during hotel stays.)

Please bring your donations to the synagogue through the month of March: Contributions can be dropped off at Shabbat Services/any in-person event OR at the Temple office Monday-Friday/9:00-3:00 PM. To give from the comfort of your home, use INSTACART.

Let me not be content when others lack their daily bread, let me not be serene while some have no roof over their heads. Teach me to give thanks for what I have by sharing it with those who are in need. Then shall life be called good, and my name be remembered for blessing.” ~ Rabbi Chaim Stern Z”L                                                                                     
(Day by Day: Reflections on the Themes of the Torah)

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