homeless april

In the hour before our First Night Passover Seder, 30+ volunteers (ages 9-104) filled 360 ziplock bags with items generously donated/underwritten by congregants and Rabbi Morrison’s Discretionary Fund. Each baggie contained: a pair of socks, a package of sanitary wipes, a protein bar, toiletries, and a $10 Publix gift card – plus a card with useful addresses/hotlines and an uplifting message hand-written by volunteers. Seder attendees took them to give out (without judgment) whenever we encounter someone seeking human kindness – a Mitzvah we can all continue going forward… which actually works both ways (see below). Thank you to everyone who played a role in this beautiful undertaking – Mazel tov!


Homeless Mitzvah Project Feedback

“I gave out my first bag earlier today to a young man who was approaching cars stopped at a red light. As he looked at its contents, his smile grew. He thanked me and told me that people treat him badly. I said, “I’m so sorry for that” and felt my eyes get teary. He thanked me many times, and said, “Bless you” to me many times. “As I drove off, the tears continued. The tears were a mixture of sadness about people treating him badly, and him being in the situation he is in, and also feeling deeply touched by having this heart-opening interaction with a stranger. “Your project provided something not only for him but for me as well.”