Two years ago, TI established an important relationship with farmworkers in Homestead, and I have been involved from the beginning. By spending time there and listening closely, we discovered a desire to develop sewing skills for women -- especially mothers who could no longer go into the fields to work without access to child care. Our congregation should take great pride in knowing that we have donated 14 sewing machines plus all of the necessary accessories & supplies. We have nurtured on-site sewing classes and been involved in other activities when called upon to help. Several farmworkers joined us at our congregational Seder and enjoyed our traditional holiday foods which were completely new to them. On the 30th Anniversary of its Homestead location, the Farmworkers Association of Florida honored us for our service, but it’s the give & take experiences that are most valuable! Please consider participating as we deepen these relationships and move forward. – Judy Stopek, Social Justice Committee

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